What Printing MIS System is best for you?

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PagePath Technologies recently conducted an online survey of Print MIS Systems. What you are going to see below is strictly raw data from the survey. We have not tried to sway in any direction or draw any conclusions from this. We are just presenting data. We would encourage you to comment below on any of your thoughts or feelings on this matter. We hope this helps.

Data from the question “What MIS/Estimating System are you currently using?”

MIS Chart

Data from the question “How would you rate your MIS/Estimating System”

MIS Chart 2

Comments on the various MIS Systems


  • We have used PrintSmith for 5 years. It is improving slowly. Some of the new features in 8 are worthwhile.
  • The product works fine, but I have not seen any signs of progress or development for at least two years.
  • Good, reliable program but lacks good support. The program handles all our needs and I pay yearly maint. fee but when I needed help the support staff seemed aloof. I get better support from others that use PrintSmith
  • PrintSmith is a very good estimating program but for upgrades I think it’s beyond their current programmers and support staff.
  • The base module “PrintSmith” is limiting. We are debating whether to buy the module Report Writer.
  • Overall it meets our needs. Would actually prefer a little bit more complex estimating system. That part is a little to generic and set up for a variety of users.
  • Reports are very difficult as are many of the pricing features — also not compatible with any bookkeeping system
  • Have been using PrintSmith for many years; last year tried to switch to ePace but it was very difficult.Very easy to use but has limitations (mainly no integration with any other program)


  • Powerful, flexible, fast.
  • We’ve been using it for over 20 years. They have the best service. They also have a user group and they listen to what we ask for…big plus.
  • Great program. Wonderful support
  • I was at a shop which used Printers Plan for eight years and Printers Plan seemed more user friendly.


  • Does an adequate job but the SQL server seems to slow everything down. Have to wait awhile for Estimate/Job Ticket retrieval and export of estimates to .pdf’s.
  • I’d really like to switch to something more user friendly.


  • Custom coded program that runs all functions of our company. Estimating, scheduling, paper, inventory, invoicing. Has been put together over the last 30 years, and still going. Yes that is right 30 years. The first parts of it were coded in 1978, and work just fine.
  • Our ERP is from Reflex Software. It is mostly custom developed but financial system is based on their common ERP core that they use for multiple implementations. We have worked with the same software developers for 20 years. Our previous ERP was a Unix green screen terminal application. Expensive to do custom development. And sometimes it sucks to sometimes be basically beta testing new features in a production environment but it’s very targeted to our needs.

Additional thoughts or comments are encouraged below. Thanks to all who participated.

7 thoughts on “What Printing MIS System is best for you?

  1. I think there are some very clear conclusions you can draw from this data and especially the user comments.

    Great survey.

  2. We have been using EFI Pace for about 8 years now, and it has gone through several upgrades, the biggest of course being the acquisition by EFI. The customer support is outstanding; probably one of the best that I have come in contact with. Their NOC is second to none, and the modules allow for almost unlimited expansion as your business grows. There is also a web-to-print and storefront module to expand your company present to the internet. Of course, we prefer the sophistication of MOD!

  3. I’m surprised to see PrintSmith at 48%, I thought it would be much lower. I hope EFI is watching and listening! They have really handcuffed the development of PrintSmith and lost site of it’s true competition. (EFI sees PS as a stepping stone to their more expensive systems.)

    Printer’s Plan latest version has pulled ahead of PrintSmith in new features and development. They seem to be really listening to their users.

    If PrintSmith 8.1(in beta right now) doesn’t deliver 2 years worth of new features, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an exodus to other programs.

  4. ePace is complicated and not very user friendly. The dockets are confusing and the support for this product sucks.

  5. We have been testing three products in demo mode over the past two months to determine which one we want to purchase. Between Printer’s Plan-(SoftUse), PrintSmith-(EFI), and Printfire Morning Flight the winner was Printer’s Plan. The problem is we are hesitant to purchase Printer’s Plan, because the backend is still on Microsoft Access 2003. They do not have plans to migrate to MS-SQL for at least 1 year. On the other hand PrintSmith which came in at a close 2nd does have plans to migrate their proprietary database to MS-SQL within the next 2 months.

  6. Virtualsystems.com developed Print & Mail-Shop, an MIS system for printing is very user friendly…

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